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With our property management software you’ll convert more of your visitors into leads!

NO software installation, nothing to download

Manage YOUR listings through a Web site

Built in forms with automatic lead generation and management

You never again wait hours or days for your webdeveloper to update your site.

Manage your own properties instantly from anywhere... find out how.


Real Estate and Realtor Listing Software


Realtors: Web Based Property Management Software to Manage your Listings

You'll benefit by turning more of your Web site visitors into leads, starting today.

With the Property Management Software , all changes are free, instant, and easy. The simple web-based control panel gives you total control over your properly listings on your site. You don't need to download anything software or learn to navigate a complex interface.


You take advantage of these features:

  • Mortgage calculator build right into your listings
  • External link area to add PDF's or other links
  • Open house self-expiring notice
  • Multiple pictures allowed
  • Mark your property as SOLD as soon as you sell it
  • YOU Control your listings at YOUR convenience!
  • NO software installation, nothing to download
  • Save your time
  • Save your money
  • Pay as you go, no contract, no risk...
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Fed up with your Web Designer?
Have the wrong price on a home?

What is Listing Management Software?
Listing Management Software (LMS) is a software application which controls the storage, indexing, presentation and management of a Web site's content. Our LMS is web-based so that our Realtors can edit their property listings from any Internet connected computer.

The Birth of the LMS
The listing software was written on behalf of Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC by canadian developer John Hembling, based on the content management system written the year before to service John's Canadian Realtor clients.

The Goal
One of the goals of the LMS is to seperate the issue of content authorship, and maintenance, from the often tedious task of writing html markup. To edit the content of a site, the author should never have to deal with markup. Web site design is not content authorship. This system was designed and written with Real Estate Professionals in mind, a notoriously non-technical demographic. Not even many of the excellent products which were available at the time when the listing managemment software was written were easy enough for a non technical user to employ with little to no training. Now our Content management Systems is available for Realtors worldwide by simply installing a module into an existing (or new) Web sites which lets Realtors manage their own listings no matter who, how, or where their site is hosted.

What the LMS will do for you:
  • Wipe out turnaround time for updates;
  • Remove or eliminate maintenance costs;
  • Seperate site design from site content;
  • Remove dependance on technical staff or hired Web designers;
  • Provide the advantage of industry-specific tools